FOOD PLAZA Tour Details

Starting times: 8 am

Duration: 3-4 hours

Locations: Mercado Placita de Florez, Plazuela de San Ignacio, Ayacucho Street, or Plaza Minorista.

Age restrictions: Not recommended for kids under 6.

Pet policy: Pets are not allowed in the marketplace so unfortunately your furry companions can not join this tour.

Price: $65 per person

Food/drink policy: Delicious local snacks (empanadas, fritters (fried foods), pandebono, fruits, coffee, and many others) will be provided in the cost of this tour!


What to expect during the Food Plaza tour:

Local markets in Medellin offer an authentic glimpse into local culture, but the crowds and noise can often make exploring them alone overwhelming. Overcome the language barrier and see a side of Medellin usually reserved for locals. This is the place where the best chefs/restaurant owners, serious food tourists and locals visit for the best ingredients and a ton of flavor.

This is a specialty food tour designed for real food lovers, those who want to know the history through hundreds of flavors and smells from Colombia and beyond.

Learn about the history of paisa food, and taste the most typical dishes of the region. Come without breakfast! In this tour we will finish with a full belly and a happy heart.

Your group will be guided by an expert in gastronomy through the food and flower market and the square “Placita de las Florez”. The guide will introduce you to Colombia’s wide selection of fruits, vegetables, condiments, and flavors. Taste things you have never experienced before and immerse yourself in the local food culture.

Placita de Florez Background And Highlights

Placita De Florez was inaugurated on January 25, 1891, on land donated by Mr. Rafael Flórez, hence its name. La Placita de Flórez is located in the commune 10 of the central sector of Medellin.

Initially, it was known as Mercado de Oriente (East Market), because the farmers from Santa Elena and the municipalities of this region of Antioquia used to go there to sell and buy food. Later, it was called Plaza de Buenos Aires. In 1953 it was given the name of Plaza de Flórez and in 2005 it was given its current corporate image as Placita De Florez.

Among the many uses that have been given to the building, there are some curiosities. For example for years it was a police headquarters, it served as a bullfighting circus, and as such was the scene of many bullfights. It was also used for some time to a group of nuns to install a convent. Its new construction was inaugurated in 1955.

Placita De Florez was the first covered market square to be built in Colombia. Coincidentally, it turned into the market of the flowers cultivated by the farmers of the village of Santa Elena that years later gave rise to the traditional parade of silleteros.

Many people mistakenly believe that the name of the market refers to the roses and geraniums that are sold there. But the sign clearly says Flórez with a Z and not with an S. This is where the traditional silletero parade began and is now a national and international fair that the paisa community proudly celebrates between July and August, yes the Feria de las Flores.

La Placita de Flórez was declared a historic asset of cultural interest of the Municipality due to its architectural, urban, historical, and testimonial quality.

Plazuela de San Ignacio Background And Highlights

The Plazuela de San Ignacio is a relatively small public space. Located in the heart of Medellin, it is close to Avenida Oriental, La Playa and San Antonio Park.

The park is one of the places that contributes to the history of Medellin in terms of education since the University of Antioquia was born here.

One of the interesting things about this space is the people who attend it regularly. In the words of the Centro De Medellin news portal, the Plazuela de San Ignacio “is the headquarters of an informal outdoor chess club. The area is especially interesting because instead of chess tables they use customized brick seating with chess boards installed. This seating surrounds beautiful plants for great scenery!

If you show up at this park more than once you are bound to see familiar faces.

Some of the interesting chess players you will encounter in this park may not even have a home or fixed address. But they have the Plazuela!

Within the park area there are three buildings in total: the University of Antioquia, the church of San Ignacio and the Comfama Cloister.

The construction of the entire park took place at the beginning of the 19th century as a response to the educational needs of Antioquia. This work has been maintained regularly over time. This is the birth place of the Institute of Fine Arts, the University of Antioquia, and the School of Arts and Crafts!

What To Bring For The Food Plaza Tour

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Shoes that are suitable for hiking/walking
  • Camera
  • Carry hydration.
  • Carry cash so you can buy whatever you want.
  • We have permission from the plaza for photos and videos but at each stand the recommendation is to ask permission from each merchant.
  • The most important recommendation is to arrive full of joy, a good attitude, and eager to learn!