Having a private car and driver can be the most convenient way to get around Medellin. For 60,000 COP/hour, you can book one of our drivers to drive you and your group around for as many days as needed.

We take a deposit of 120,000 COP for all private driver bookings for each day you reserve a driver. Please understand that when you book days with our driver, they clear their schedule for those days. Because of this, we are unable to refund you if you decide to cancel or reschedule the services. Minimum is 4 hours.


Private car and driver for as long as you need them


Anywhere in Medellin or the surrounding area


As long as you need them


60,000 COP/hour

Explore Medellin Like a Local: Ditch the Stress, Embrace the Experience with Medellin Tours!

Medellin is a vibrant city, but navigating its bustling streets and hidden gems can be a challenge. Traffic jams, limited parking, and unfamiliar neighborhoods can quickly eat into your precious vacation time.

Here’s why a private driver from Medellin Tours is your key to unlocking the true magic of Medellin:

  • Effortless Exploration: Avoid the hassle of public transportation schedules or deciphering confusing maps. Relax and let your bilingual driver, a native Colombian, whisk you away to all the must-see sights and secret local hangouts.
  • Unlock Hidden Gems: With over 200 unique neighborhoods in Medellin, there’s so much to discover beyond the tourist trail. Your driver will show you the city through local eyes, introducing you to hidden gems and authentic experiences.
  • Beat the Parking Blues: Medellin boasts over [insert number] cars and even more motorcycles! Finding parking, especially in popular areas, can be a nightmare. Your driver takes care of finding a spot, leaving you free to focus on soaking it all in.
  • Time is Precious: Don’t waste valuable vacation time navigating unfamiliar streets. Our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles ensure a smooth and stress-free ride, maximizing your time to explore.
  • The Local Touch: Your driver isn’t just a driver, they’re your personal Medellin expert! Get insider tips, recommendations, and historical insights – all for just $15 (60,000 COP) per hour.
  • Avoid Dealing with Wild Motorcycles and Drivers: Anyone who has spent time in Medellin knows there are motorcycles and cars zipping from lane to lane. The rules are different here!
  • Safety: Don’t stress about what cab driver is going to pick you up. With your own driver, you can leave your belongings in the car if you want, and you know that your safety isn’t at risk!

Experience Medellin like a local. Book your private driver with Medellin Tours today!

P.S. Still not convinced? Imagine the frustration of circling for ages looking for parking after a delicious local lunch, or missing a stunning viewpoint because you got lost on the metro. Let Medellin Tours handle the logistics, so you can create unforgettable memories in this incredible city!

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