Paragliding in Medellín Tour Details

Duration: 4 hours

Locations: Pickup and drop-off from hotel

Age restrictions: 14+

Price: $98 (377,000 COP) per person


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What to expect while paragliding in Medellín tour

A lot of people wonder whether paragliding in Medellínis possible if they don’t have any experience. Since we arrange for certified paragliding pilots to accompany each person on their trip, no experience is necessary – they can just relax and enjoy the view!

Medellín is surrounded by mountains, which makes the area ideal for paragliding; in fact, there are quite a few local paragliding companies who take adventurous tourists into the air whenever the weather permits. And, since we’re talking about the City of Eternal Spring, the weather conditions are usually perfect for taking in the stunning views.

The tour will start when you’re picked up from your hotel; no need to worry about catching local transport or arranging for a car rental. The tour guide will bring you to the take-off point outside the city, where you’ll meet the certified paragliding professional. They’ll go over important safety information, as well as facts about the area for about 90 minutes.

Once everyone is ready, it’ll be time for takeoff! You’ll glide like a bird over the breathtaking scenery; you can take pictures or videos, or just take it all in without the aid of technology. You probably will have worked up an appetite by the time you’re done paragliding, so then it’ll be time for a delicious snack. You’ll enjoy traditional Colombian snacks, as well as refreshing (non-alcoholic) beverage. Afterward, our guide will drop you off at your hotel.

Is paragliding a safe place to tour?

This is one of the top concerns that most people have with paragliding. After all, can it really be that safe to float so high in the air? Statistically speaking, yes: paragliding is safe. However, this isn’t to say that the sport doesn’t come with a long list of safety precautions. The main reason why paragliding has consistently low rates of injury are because participants are generally so careful. From inspecting their equipment to respecting weather conditions, paragliders have to be responsible enough not to risk their safety unnecessarily. So what does this mean for someone who’s going paragliding with a trained pilot? In that case, you don’t require any training (or even physical effort) to stay safe; you just have to rely on the instructions and judgment of the pilot.

How to know we’ve chosen the right pilots for paragliding in Medellín

Since you’ll be entrusting the pilot with your safety, it’s important to go with the right paragliding company. If you use our services to go paragliding in Medellín, we’ll be choosing for you – but you can still feel confident in whoever is taking you up in the air. We work with some of Medellín’s most trusted paragliding pilots to ensure the best possible experience for each ride. How can we be so sure? Because we use the following criteria to find the top choices in the area.

  • We confirm that the pilots are experienced

This is one of the most important factors for consistently safe paragliding. According to statistics, 90% of injuries occur during a pilot’s first ten flights. The more experienced a pilot is, the less likely they are to make a mistake. We only work with certified paragliders with multiple years of experience, not only in paragliding but also in tandem paragliding (flying with a passenger).

We also look at the company’s track record to make sure they haven’t been previously involved in accidents. These are rare, to begin with, but with the top paragliding companies in Medellín, they’re pretty much nonexistent.

  • We look at customer reviews

Every paragliding company will claim to be both safe and fun, and online reviews will typically confirm whether or not these claims hold up. Before teaming up with a paragliding company, we do plenty of research into what their customers have to say. Did they have a great time, or did they notice any red flags? Did they feel strongly enough about the service to mention their pilot’s name, or are the reviews a bit lackluster? By combing through online reviews, it’s possible to get the other side of the story. When we find a company whose online reviews match their promises, that’s when we know we’re on the right track.

  • We ask about their policies on equipment maintenance

Using high-quality equipment is key for staying safe while paragliding. This requires a paragliding company to not only buy good equipment, but also to maintain it well. From the canopy to the helmets, everything should be regularly inspected and replaced when needed.

Tips for enjoying your paragliding experience

Most of Medellín tours focus on walking, sightseeing, and maybe a bit of shopping. Paragliding in Medellín is a bit different, though; instead of strolling through colorful streets, you’ll be flying through the air! Even though you don’t need any special skills to fully enjoy this activity, some preparation is advised. Here are our recommendations:

  • Wear close-toed shoes that are suited for physical activity, and make sure they’re secure. You don’t want your shoes to fall off mid-flight!
  • Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, and consider bringing a light jacket. You’ll be in the mountains near Medellín, where the air is several degrees cooler compared to the city. Factor in windchill during the paragliding excursion, and you’ll be glad you dressed for cooler weather.
  • Bring sunscreen – even though the air will be cool, the sun will probably still be shining.
  • Be prepared to listen to everything the pilot has to say. Paragliding is only as safe as the pilot makes it, and these pilots go above and beyond to make it as safe as possible.

With these tips and one of the best paragliding pilots in Medellín, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience!