Transportation in Medellin

We offer full-service transportation for solo-travelers, families, and large groups.

Book our drivers by the hour, day, or week!

For families we can include baby seats, strollers and much more!

Large groups will enjoy our spacious vans and buses.

Safety First

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Why choose us for Transportation in Medellin?

Operate 24 hours

We can accommodate any transportation needs at any time. From long-distance to 3am trips to the airport.

Shuttle as desired

Our spacious vans and buses can fit your entire family or group.

Flat transportation costs

We save you money and time by offering you a flat rate for transportation costs.

Customer service

We are here to answer your questions in English or Spanish any time, just call +57 314 369 2930

Different forms of Transportation of Medellin

Medellin has a high speed railway, a bus system, cable cars, thousands of taxis, bike paths, Didi, Uber and more.

Our recommendation is private car, but many tourists choose to use Uber as it is a very convenient option for tourists.

Private Car

Get around Medellin in a private car with your own local driver


Learn how the local bus system operates


Take the high speed metro tram

Let Medellin Tours Elevate Your Experience

You can have a lot of fun by yourself touring a new city. But with a bit of local guidance, tips and insight, the experience will be sure to be unforgettable.

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