Medellin Helicopter Tour Details

Starting times: Varies

Duration: Between 15 minutes and 2 hours

Location(s): Medellín and surrounding areas

Age restrictions: 16+

Pet policy: Your furry companions unfortunately can’t join this tour


  • 1 person – $590 (2.28m COP)
  • 2 persons $744 (2.88m COP)
  • (Price varies by group size)

Food/drink policy: Food and beverages are not provided or allowed


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What to expect during the Medellín helicopter tour:

Flying in a helicopter is a pretty epic experience, especially when the purpose of the flight is for sightseeing! Rather than having to weave your way through traffic or crowds, you’ll be able to see the beautiful city of Medellín from hundreds of feet in the air. Given that it’s known as the “city of eternal spring”, the chances are usually good of having amazingly clear views during your ride.

There will be some safety precautions to observe (more on that later), and it’s important that you follow the instructions of your tour guide/pilot. You’ll also be provided with appropriate safety equipment, such as noise-cancelling earplugs or headphones.

Most popular Medellin helicopter tours

Sometimes people visit Medellín with only a limited amount of time on their itinerary. In that case, they may want to choose from one of the following Medellín helicopter tours. This lets them pack in as much sightseeing as they want, without wasting time being stuck in traffic. It’s perfect for smaller groups who want a VIP experience, especially if epic pictures are a priority – you’ll be able to take some amazing photos from the helicopter! A helicopter tour will give you access to the kinds of views that few people ever experience, as well as memories that you’ll never forget.

Fly Over Medellin like a Bird

The typical Medellín helicopter tour takes about 15-20 minutes to fly over key parts of the city. Your guide (who will be fluent in English) will tell you about the identity and history of each part of the city, and point out the contrasts between them. You’ll see the bustling center, as well as some of the quieter suburbs.

Tour over Santa Elena’s flower farms

Santa Elena is a small town to the east of Medellín, only about 16 km away from the city’s center. It’s known for being the source of the region’s most beautiful flowers, as well as one of the birthplaces of the silleteros, or regional flower growers. You may have heard of Medellín’s Festival of the Flowers, one of the city’s most famous holidays. As it turns out, the thousands of flowers that flood the city during the festival come from Santa Elena.

As you can imagine, the fields of flowers are quite a sight – especially when you see them from a helicopter! This tour will start out in Medellín, and then pass over Santa Elena. The opportunities for perfect pictures are unmatched here, as you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of countless flower fields as well as Medellín’s cityscapes.

Flight from Medellin to Guatape

If you’re going to Guatape by car, the journey will take about 1.5 hours. If you’re going by helicopter, it’ll take less than 20 minutes!

You’ll be able to choose between a one-way trip, or a round-trip. For those who want to spend several hours exploring the town, a one-way trip would be ideal. You can take your time enjoying yourself, and then catch a bus back to Medellín. This gives you the chance to not only explore the town, but also to check out La Piedra del Peñón, a 220-meter-high rock that’s one of the area’s most famous landmarks.

A round-trip helicopter tour will give sightseers about an hour or two in Guatape, which is plenty of time to walk around the center, snap some photos, and taste some of the best artisanal coffee in Colombia.

Important safety tips for flying in a helicopter

For many people, taking one of the Medellín helicopter tours will be their first time riding in a helicopter. With this in mind, here are some safety tips that should be followed at all times.

  • Wait to approach the helicopter until the pilot or a crew member is available to escort you.
  • Never approach a helicopter from the rear; the tail propellers make this the most dangerous part of the helicopter. Always approach the front of the machine, and distance yourself from the rotor blades by crouching.
  • It’s recommended that passengers with long hair pull it back in a secure ponytail or bun.
  • You’ll be getting on and off of the helicopter while the rotors are still turning, which will generate a lot of forceful wind. Anything that’s loose – flip flops, sunglasses, hats, jewelry, or other accessories – could be blown away. For the best possible experience, avoid wearing these things for your helicopter tour, or keep them secured in a bag.
  • Wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt or jacket; it’s considerably cooler in the helicopter than it is at ground level.
  • When getting on or off the helicopter, make sure your valuables (wallet, phone, keys, etc.) are secured in a compact carrier, not just held in your hands.
  • You’ll likely be given a seat assignment, and this is important to observe. The balance of the helicopter depends on the placement of the passengers, so switching seats or moving around could be a safety risk.
  • Always wear your seatbelt!
  • Wait for the pilot’s go-ahead signal before exiting the helicopter.
  • Always obey the instructions of the pilot.

Tips for getting amazing pictures from the helicopter

Snapping some epic photos is half the point of a helicopter tour, so you might as well know how to get the absolute best pictures from several hundred feet in the air!

  • Wear darker-colored clothes with no patterns, as these are less likely to cause a reflection in the window.
  • Use high shutter speeds for clearer photos.
  • Hold the camera near the window, but not against it – you don’t want to pick up the vibrations of the helicopter in your picture.