Soccer Game & Tour Details

Starting times: Varies

Duration: 5 hours


The tour guide will be downstairs at the east exit of the STADIUM METRO STATION by Carrera 70 (Avenue 70), and he will host a YELLOW UMBRELLA. Google maps location:,-75.58824157714844

Age restrictions: 12+

Pet Policy: Your furry companions, unfortunately, can’t join this tour

Price: $62 (237,000 COP) per person

Food/drink policy: Soda and alcoholic beverages provided


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What to expect during the Soccer Game & tour

First and foremost, you can expect to have a lot of fun and feel the passion of the hichas(fans)! Experience a live Colombian soccer match without worrying about the logistics during this private soccer tour with comfort, safety, and fun.

The tour will start when your guide picks you up from your hotel. From there we will take you near the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, where you will be able to share with Atletico Nacional and/or Deportivo Independiente Medellin fans, have a few beers, rum, or aguardiente accompanied by a typical local snack. Then we will enter the stadium and we will be located at the best stand where we can fully enjoy the game

Feel like a local as you paint your face green or red (depending on the team playing that

day) at the Atanasio Girardot stadium and as you cheer on the team from the stands, you will have the best view of Latin America’s love for soccer.

PS: Want to be a real “HINCHA”? Tell our bilingual guide to take you to the official store of the stadium and there you can buy your team’s jersey.

What is a classic Paisa soccer match in Colombia?

“Clasico” is used to define the most important matches in a country. The strongest and most historic rivalry in the league. The Clásico Paisa is the match between the two main teams of the city of Medellín, Independiente Medellín, and Atlético Nacional.

There have been 329 official derbies in Colombian Professional Soccer, 313 matches in the First A Category and 16 matches in the Colombian Cup, for a balance of 92 wins for Medellín (85 in the League and 7 in the Cup), 134 wins in favor of Nacional (128 in the League and 6 in the Cup), and 103 ties (100 in the League and 3 in the Cup).

On September 27, 1998, during a game between Medellín and Once Caldas, the Rexixtenxia supporters club was born, which started with approximately 30 members, with no banners or banners, just a few signs. With the passing of time, the Norte became popular and many of the members of the Putería Roja became part of this Barra. Today, the Rexixtenxia Norte stands out in Colombia for being an innovative Barra, proposing the best song and gingles, the best instruments, and the best social projects, in addition, this barra has the largest flag taken out in a soccer stadium in the world.

The Atlético Nacional fan base is undoubtedly one of the largest in Colombia. Los Del Sur was born in 1997, the last great barra created in the Atanasio Girardot, the barra brava is located in the South stand of the stadium. It started with a small number of members but grew day by day to become one of the largest barras in the country, with a well-formed infrastructure and diverse activities, its motto is “Siempre Presentes” (Always Present).

Highlights of the history of Deportivo Independiente Medellin

Deportivo Independiente Medellin is one of the oldest teams in Colombian Professional Soccer (FPC), founded in 1913, and is one of the first soccer teams in Colombia. The history of the ‘Dean of Colombian Soccer’, or ‘El Poderoso’ (the powerful) as it is known to some of its most loyal fans, is quite long and full of ups and downs.

Although in 1981 they were crowned champions of the Colombian Cup, it would not be until the second half of 2002, that the ‘Mighty of the Mountain’ won their third league title. A triumph that had eluded them for nearly half a century and that served as the greatest proof of the loyalty of their fans, who remained faithful to the tradition of their blue and red colors.

December 22, 2002, was one of the days most remembered by the followers of ‘Poderoso de la Montaña’. On that day, against Deportivo Pasto at La Libertad Stadium in the capital of Nariño, the agony of 45 years without titles came to an end.

Highlights of the history of Atletico Nacional

Atletico Nacional is a Colombian professional soccer club, founded on April 30, 1947 in the city of Medellin. Talking about the history of Atletico Nacional means going back to the 1930’s, more precisely to 1935, in ‘La manga de Don Pepe’, where a small club was started, which, over the years, would become one of the biggest soccer clubs in Colombia.

Its name was Club Atlético Municipal de Medellín, and in 1950 it changed its name to Atlético Nacional.

Led by Fernando Paternoster, Atletico Nacional won the first of its 16 stars in 1954 and began a history of glory and passion. However, some setbacks and economic crises evidenced the tenacity and nobility of the verdolagas roots. After several tournaments without being a protagonist and with the hegemony of Millonarios del Dorado importing international figures from the world of soccer, the Argentinean coach Fernando Paternoster managed to be crowned as the first coach to be champion with Atletico Nacional, forming a noble and warrior team that was marked for posterity as one of the best soccer teams in Colombia.